There are questions you may ask before make any purchase with us, please see all related Q&A below.

How long will it take to complete?

Because it is 100% hand drawing from the sketch, so it usually takes 5 - 7 days to complete.

How do it receive it? does it cost any shipping fee?

Because this is a digital work, so we will send you the final work via email, therefore, it does not require shippings.

Can I fully customize my cartoonme work?

Yes, if there is no model that fit your order, we can fully customize it for you, please reffer to customize section.

How do I place an order?

Step 1: Go to our shop
Step 2: Select your model
Step 3: On the item page, click "Buy it now" button
Step 4: On the checkout page, enter your email, name, currency and comment for your cartoonme work so we can follow your will to do it.
Step 5: When you click "Place Order" button, complete the payment with paypal, then send your pictuer to photo@cartoonme4u.com.

What happen once I placed an order?

Once you placed an order, an email with reference number will be send to your email address and you will need to send your picture to photo@cartoonme4u.com, Then we will follow the process on how does it work section to do your order.

Can I track my order's status while waitting?

Yes, you can visit our order tracking page to track your order while we are working on it.

What is the picture resolution? what is the format???

The resolution of the final work is depend on the model you select, basically all of the models are in 300 DPI, which means for eaxample, if a picture resolution is 1000 x 800 (72 DPI) ,convert to 300 DPI, the resolution will be 4167 x 3333. In default, we will send your picture in JPEG format, if you require other image format, please tell us in the comment when you place order.

What kind of picture you should send to us?

Please send us picture that is clear to see all the features in the face, the higher quality you send, the higher quality work we will present you, basically any picture that is sent to us in low quality will not be accepted. Our cartoonist will review your picture and if it is not meet the basic requirement, we will email you for a replacement.

What payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, if you wish to make payment via other ways, please contact us.

I see watermarks on the model's picture, will it still exists when I purchase one?

No, watermarks will be removed on the final work we send you, watermark is just for copyright protection. Your final portrait will be nice and clean.

Will my portrait be listed on your site in the end??

No, your privacy is important!! we will not list your cartoonme portrait on our site without your permission, we have had permissions from owners of all the models you see on our shop section.

I want to have a portrait for my big family, about 12 members, but I can not find a right option on the website, is that still possible for you guys to make one?

Yes, our cartoonists are able to design anything kind of portrait for you, if you could not find the right option for your needs, pleae contact us and we will quote you for what you need.